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➤Educational Test
➤ University Entrance Test (UET)
➤ Graduate Evaluation Test (GET) General
➤ Graduate Evaluation Test (GET) Subject.
➤ Colleges Entry Test (CET) Internship Achievement Test (IAT)
➤ Professional Test
➤ Engineering Evaluation Test (EET)
➤ I.T Evaluation Test ( I.T-ET)
➤ Marketing Evaluation Test (MET)
➤ Medical Evaluation Test (MET)
➤ Office Administration Test (OAT)
➤ Organizational Recruitment Test (ORT)
➤ Teaching Evaluation Test (TET)

About CTSP

Career Testing Services – Pakistan (CTSP) has been established in March 2017 in response to an expressed need for a testing service in the National Education Policy and the Information Technology (IT) Policy of Government of Pakistan (GoP). Who we are? CTSP self-sustained testing Company conducts tests and assessments for admissions, scholarships, recruitment and promotion purposes. It is governed by a Board of Directors of CTSP. Having the first year, CTSP will play a pivotal role in promoting merit and quality education at college and university level. Following its core values, CTSP always strives for excellence and ensures quality, efficiency, reliability, accuracy and most significantly credibility of the entire system in a transparent manner under strict security arrangements.